Start Europe Diesel and petrol are now almost equally expensive

Diesel and petrol are now almost equally expensive


So far, diesel drivers at the pump always scurried a smile over his face. They had to put down significantly less per liter of fuel than drivers of a gasoline car. These times seem to be over now, because the prices of the two fuels are approaching more and more.

Diesel is currently only 4.6 percent cheaper. In 2009, the difference between gasoline and diesel in Italy was still around twelve percent.

This reduces the great advantage of diesel vehicles.

As Haimo Staffler, president of the Free Petrol Station in the hds, explains, this is the consequence of the diesel polemics after the VW scandal and the associated uncertainty. According to Staffler, oil companies are finding that diesel is getting heavier and are pushing down petrol prices to keep at least one of the two most important petroleum-based fuels attractive.