Start United States Democrats are looking for the right head

Democrats are looking for the right head

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After the election is before the election: After the midterms, the US Democrats are already looking for a presidential candidate for 2020. There are still no clear favorites, on the contrary: in addition to the already rumored names have in the congressional election equal to some new faces pushed into the limelight.

The candidate will presumably challenge incumbent Donald Trump, who has already made an appearance. When asked at a press conference on Wednesday that he would cling to Vice President Mike Pence as his „Running Mate,“ Trump said, „Well, I did not ask him that, but I hope so.“ Pence nodded on demand.

It is still unclear what direction the Democrats want to take – also because of the experience of the election 2016: While Hillary Clinton voted in the party’s primaries as a reliable representative of the party establishment for the candidacy, Senator Bernie Sanders turned out with his demands for a left-hander than her sharpest rival. Now, the party must decide whether to mobilize the classic clientele or rather tries to address new layers of voters, especially young. Ideally someone will be found who can connect both poles.

Warren can with both party wings

A politician who is credited with this is Elizabeth Warren. For years she has been considered one of Trump’s most pronounced critics. The former Harvard economics professor advocates for the rights of workers and consumers, and professionally before her political career she was primarily concerned with individuals involved in private bankruptcies.

Warren is counted as the left-liberal wing of the Democrats, but also has good contacts with Clinton. Since the 69-year-old has increasingly been in talks as a presidential candidate, Trump has also shot at her. Recently, there was a rather bizarre dispute over whether Warren has Indian roots or not. At the midterms, Warren defended her senatorial post in Massachusetts confidently.
Biden and Sanders with the burden of age

Barack Obama’s vice-premier Joe Biden is repeatedly mentioned. In an autobiography, he revealed that in 2016 he had considered a candidacy, the death of his son Beau, however, made these plans impossible. For Biden his popularity values ​​speak against him his age: he is already 75.

The same applies to Sanders. He is already 76, in a possible Annahobung 2021 he would be 79th His successes in the pre-election campaign against Clinton 2016 were considered a huge surprise, previously it seemed impossible, with decidedly left political pledge so many – especially young – people to inspire. Of course, Sanders did not want to commit himself to an appointment, for the time being he defended his senatorial seat in Vermont.

„The question we need to ask is what candidates in Michigan, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Wisconsin and Florida can win,“ he told the British „Guardian.“ To win in these important swing states is the challenge.
O’Rourke: Defeat as a start advantage?

In the midterms, a few more candidates for higher offices have recommended themselves. As a new shooting star Beto O’Rourke is celebrated – even though he has lost his Senate race against incumbent Ted Cruz in Texas. O’Rourke was narrowly beaten and not only scored points in the cities, but also did surprisingly well in rural areas.
In conservative Texas, this is a huge hit for a Democrat – and O’Rourke is also on the left wing. The party has been particularly impressed by its social media campaign and its ability to win campaign funds, both of which are seen as a promise for the future. That he has lost the election is even seen by some as an advantage: So he has more time to plan and carry out an election campaign. And a certain Abraham Lincoln also lost his Senate race before he won the presidential election.
Challenging Kamala Harris

Rather a damper by the electoral defeat Andrew Gillum has suffered in Florida. He also failed narrowly in the governorship election, where he had even been favored slightly. Nevertheless, the African American is considered a hope for the future, after all, he is only 39 years old.

Better chances are given to Senator Kamala Harris. The ex-Attorney General from California had recently sharpened her political profile in the poll of High Justice candidate Brett Kavanaugh. The achievements of women in the midterms could also be a factor for the party to bet on a woman in 2020 as well.

Networks in the background

Against this backdrop, the name Kirsten Gillibrand also appeared recently. The New York lawyer and senator initially counted on the more conservative wing of the party, but renewed her image by pushing for a sharper gun law and her use against sexual harassment. Behind the scenes, some of the candidates, including Harris and Gillibrand, are already working hard on their plans: they are looking for allies in other states, visiting various associations and support groups and, above all, seeking contacts with donors.

Many names called

Cory Booker, Senator from New Jersey, has been talking for some time. His senatorial colleague, reunited on Tuesday, Bob Menendez, said Booker might soon be „pretty busy“. The African American is considered one of the most prominent politicians in dealing with social networks.

Other contenders are mentioned, but they still need to sharpen their national profile in order to have a chance: ambitions are said to, say, the mayor of Los Angeles, Eric M. Garcetti, and the Governor of Montana, Steve Bullock. Congressman Tim Ryan from Ohio and Senator Amy Klobuchar from Minnesota are also appearing in speculation over and over again. And then there’s the billionaire and New York ex-mayor Michael Bloomberg – who in recent years has been a nonpartisan recently returned to the Democrats. He is already 76 years old.