Start Europe Dane should have cheated on state treasury for millions

Dane should have cheated on state treasury for millions


The police in South Africa today arrested a Danish woman who had been wanted internally for weeks. The 64-year-old is suspected of having cheated the Danish treasury by 111 million Danish kroner (almost 15 million euros).

As a senior employee in the social services, she is said to have transferred public funds to their own accounts for years. The money had been earmarked for projects for socially disadvantaged citizens, homeless people and drug addicts. The scams in 274 cases came to light during an internal audit in September.

Own stud finances

According to a report in the tabloid „Berlingske Tidende“, the woman with the skimmed money is said to have supported her daughter’s horseback riding career and occasionally run her own stud farm.

„We hope to finally clear up where the rest of the millions disappeared,“ said police inspector Thomas Anderskov Riis, according to a message. The prosecutor wanted to make an extradition request.