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Critical media are „done“ for Bolsonaro


Shortly after his election, future Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro has announced a tough line against the critical press. When asked in a television interview yesterday whether he will respect the freedom of the press, including the freedom of his main critic, the newspaper „Folha de S.Paulo,“ Bolsonaro said, „This paper is done.“

As for government advertising, newspapers such as these, which act so shamelessly, could not expect government support.

The budget for state advertising in the media, which will be controlled by him in the future, is about half a billion dollars. For many Brazilian media, it could therefore be financially tight in the next few years.

Bolsonaro had already wedged out in the election campaign against the press. He described investigative reports as false reports from a corrupt establishment. Like US President Donald Trump, he railed against „Fake News“. His followers set out on critical journalists and journalists.