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Coca Cola Cannabis


Unlike other beverage companies, the US industry giant Coca-Cola wants to stay away from the booming cannabis market for the time being. „We currently have no plans to enter this area,“ said CEO James Quincey yesterday to financial analysts.

In September, US media reported that Coca-Cola was in talks with major Canadian marijuana producer Aurora. A spokesman for the soft drink giant did not want to confirm that at the time. He said, however, that the market for cannabidiol (CBD) should be closely monitored.

CBD also comes from hemp plants, but unlike the much better known substance tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), it has hardly any psychoactive effects and does not make it „high“. It is being used more for medical and nursing purposes, and is now becoming a new harbinger of hope for the marijuana industry in the process of legalization in Canada and many US states.

According to the announcer, Coca-Cola was interested in CBD as an ingredient in „wellness“ drinks. Other beverage companies – especially breweries and spirits companies – are already involved in the cannabis business.