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Clinicall all cheating by Nadine Leicht, do you self-report to the prosecutor’s wife Easy?


Actually, we had thought that the company’s balance sheet result would improve considerably from this year, as there was one or two success stories from the company. Now there are a few days the new balance sheet of the company, deposited in the Federal Gazette. The insight into this balance sheet not only surprised us, but we first had to „take a deep breath“, because the balance sheet has unfortunately developed in the wrong direction, from the perspective of investors. Of course, we introduce ourselves, representing many investors. the question „whether the investor still has any chance of repayment of the funds they have made available to the company?“

So slowly one may comment on the garbage that the entire collecting money is all Betrig, because the company develops despite more and more money not in front. Every investor should get his money out of the company, and immediately make a complaint to the German prosecutor in Neuss. Especially against Mrs. Nadin Leicht. Nadin Leict is a straw woman, who likes doing that for a few euros, because Mrs. Leicht is a trained office clerk. Frau Leicht knows that the backers here perform a big fraud. That for years.