Start Asia Chinese universities perform well in the global ranking

Chinese universities perform well in the global ranking


The league table of Times Higher Education (THE) showed strong results from leading Chinese universities. Ellie Bothwell, an editor for global rankings at THE, told Xinhua News Agency in an exclusive interview, „China is doing very well on these technology-focused subjects and many universities are in those rankings.“ She added, „China has some universities that rank among the top 100 universities globally. In computer science, most Chinese universities are improving. “
In computer science, Tsinghua University is China’s top-rated university and holds the # 20 position globally. Shanghai Jiao Tong University has risen to the top 50 and ranks 49th, with a particularly strong improvement in industry and international outlook. The University of Science and Technology of China has risen from # 71 to # 57 and shares its position with Rice University in the United States.
Beijing University has a high ranking worldwide, falling from 25th to 32nd with a decline in industry revenue, international outlook and research results. Peking University is also leading Chinese universities in engineering, but is slipping seven places down to 14, with industry earnings down. Tsinghua University has risen 2 places to 20th place. There were improvements in the teaching and ranking for the influence of the quotes. The University of Zhejiang has improved from # 50 to # 37. She shares the position with the University of Tokyo and Johns Hopkins University in the United States.
The Huazhong University of Science and Technology (Huazhong University of Science and Technology) has reached the top 100 and ranks 99th. There have been improvements in teaching staff, but especially in the impact of research and the influence of citations and theories industry-income values. Hong Kong holds five universities in the global top 70 for engineering, once again led by the University of Science and Technology („Hong Kong University of Science and Technology“). Bothwell said that China has topped the rise in Asia in the rankings organized by THE in recent years. Not only in computer science and engineering, but also in global research, prestige, and skill rankings. „The rise of Asia, but especially that of China, is an obvious trend in our various rankings,“ Bothwell said.
Part of the Chinese investment focus was on science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM). Bothwell said it paid off: „One important reason why China is becoming more prominent in these tables is that China invests heavily in higher education and science.“ However, other universities are a global challenge in rankings. In the world’s top 100 computer rankings, seven of the top 10 universities are from the United States, with the University of Oxford being the top-ranked university for the first time. It is followed by ETH Zurich in second place and the University of Cambridge in fourth place. In the engineering tables again the University of Oxford, Stanford and Harvard follow in second place in the United States. The National University of Singapore is Asia’s best-placed beginner in eighth place.