Start Asia Chinese teenagers have a high level of national awareness

Chinese teenagers have a high level of national awareness


For the survey, conducted by China Youth Daily , a Chinese volunteer service website with the URL, and the public account of the Chinese Communist Youth League at WeChat, in mid-November, these five descriptions fit in with a survey by the Chinese Institute of Social Sciences Academy of Social Sciences to measure the national awareness of China’s youth.

As it turned out, the survey showed that the level of national awareness of the Chinese interviewees surveyed was 8.84 out of 10 based on the results of the five descriptions.

Specifically, 96.1 percent of respondents clearly stated that they „are often proud of China’s achievements,“ 93.5 percent of the teenagers surveyed affirmed, „I still want to be Chinese if there is a life that follows,“ 88.6 percent of respondents said that „No matter what happens to China, I would still stay in the country even if there is a chance to leave.“ 82.8 percent of respondents agreed that, „When people criticize Chinese, I feel like they are criticizing me, „and 60.1 percent of respondents said they are“ often embarrassed because of some existing problems in the country. “

In addition, 92.9 percent of the young Chinese surveyed said, „How is the overall situation of China’s social development since 1978?“ That the country is „moving in a good direction.“ This is an increase of three percentage points compared to the results of 1998, when the same question was asked in a survey conducted among Chinese youth by the China Youth Daily .

„I have a primitive dependence on my country. I’m Chinese, „said Huang Yitian (name changed by the editor), a junior at Renmin University, China. She is always proud of the achievements of China. She believes that this is a very simple and natural feeling, because she lives in the country, can always enjoy the tangible results of the country’s development and feel the development of Chinese culture.