Start Asia China’s home game ends…  

China’s home game ends…  


At the Pacific Economic Forum there is an open confrontation of the systems. Coordinated pledges from America’s partners put China in the black – but America, too, has its own motives.

The conflict between America and China has erupted openly over the weekend. For the first time in the 29-year history of the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation (Apec), the Federation of 21 countries failed to present a joint final declaration after a summit. Earlier, China and America had fiercely fought over trade issues, but also China’s advance in the region. However, this Chinese offensive in the Pacific has also suffered severe setbacks over the weekend as its Democratic antagonists have agreed on a series of initiatives.

It is said that the Americans wanted a final declaration criticizing the World Trade Organization (WTO) sharply. Washington had already disturbed at the last summit of the International Monetary Fund in Bali that the WTO had been treated there mildly. However, Beijing fears that it will lose benefits in a fundamental reorganization of the WTO