Start Asia China will become the largest theme park market by 2020

China will become the largest theme park market by 2020


China is expected to become the world’s largest theme park market by 2020. Overall, the number of theme park visitors will exceed those in the United States. This is from a report by AECOM, a multinational American engineering company.

The report shows that the number of travelers to Chinese theme parks in 2017 reached a total of 190 million. Compared to 2016, the number has thus grown by 20 percent. He also shows that China currently owns 128 city-level theme parks. By 2055, at least 70 new parks are either to be built or enter into a detailed planning phase.

Most theme parks are located in economically developed areas such as southern and eastern China. The East China Region accounts for 34 percent of the theme parks overall, mainly due to population size and economic assets. In addition, the AECOM team has also found that many Central China areas, which have a large population and a strong gross domestic product, have already begun to plan theme park projects.

China’s theme park market has great potential for growth, with more investment expected from owners and operators of Chinese theme parks.