Start Asia China launches construction of the third aircraft carrier

China launches construction of the third aircraft carrier


In an article published on the WeChat account, Xinhua said that while China’s second aircraft carrier – which is the first domestic-developed aircraft carrier – would carry out tests in the sea, „a new-generation aircraft carrier“ is on schedule Shipyard will be built.

The article released on the country’s first aircraft carrier CNS Liaoning on the occasion of the sixth anniversary of the first launch and landing of a Chinese jet fighter does not mention the program of the „new generation aircraft carrier“, which will be the country’s third aircraft carrier becomes. But the article is the first official confirmation.
Chinese weapons experts and foreign observers have long argued that China has begun construction of its third aircraft carrier at the Jiangnan Shipyard Group of China State Shipbuilding Company in Shanghai, speculating that it will be larger and more powerful than the Liaoning and second aircraft carrier who has no name yet.

A public relations officer at the China State Shipbuilding headquarters in Beijing declined to comment on the matter. On Monday morning, the public relations officers of the People’s Liberation Army Navy could not be reached.