Start Asia Chairman of Korea National Park Service visiting Mongolia

Chairman of Korea National Park Service visiting Mongolia

Waving flag of Mongolia and South Korea

Representatives of Seoraksan National Park are among the delegates and the delegates came to Mongolia to attend opening ceremony of a monument built to honor Great Burkhan Khaldun Mountain, which was inscribed on the World Heritage List, to get acquainted with the Khan Khentii Special Protected Area (SPA) and to discuss further cooperation plan of the two countries in environment field.

On November 20, the delegates met with Deputy Minister of Environment and Tourism Ts.Batbayar and other officials, exchanging views on special protected areas, tangible and intangible cultural heritage. The KNPS has rendered financial support on the construction of 4 m high, 1.6 m wide Monument of Burkhan Khaldun Mountain. The monument has image of Chinggis Khan’s golden gerege, has been erected in Deed Tsagaan aral of Kherlen in Mungunmorit soum of Tuv aimag.

Since the Mongolian Ministry of Environment and Tourism and the KNPS established memorandum of cooperation in 2014 and Administration of the Khan Khentii SPA and Seoraksan National Park signed agreement on establishment of a sisterhood park, the sides have been realizing many joint works.