Start Germany Call for observation of the AfD in Germany is louder

Call for observation of the AfD in Germany is louder

Capri23auto / Pixabay

The announcement of an internal report with recommendations for action to the AFD has further fueled the debate over a monitoring of the German party by the constitution protection.

The recommendation of an appraiser to renounce terms such as „Überfremdung“ and „Umvolkung“ to avoid an intelligence observation, nothing change that the party must be observed, said the CDU politician Patrick Sensburg yesterday the „Handelsblatt“. „The fact that the AfD wants to exchange terms shows that they now want to deceive about their true content, just to avoid observation.“

Yesterday it had become known that the legal analyst appointed by the AfD Dietrich Murswiek urgently warns the party against the use of certain terms, since these could provide evidence for observation by the constitutional protection.

From the point of view of Greens parliamentary group Konstantin von Notz, those responsible in the AFD document the report as an „extreme radicalization“ of the party. „With the self-produced list of symptoms of anti-constitutionality, the party appears to self-diagnose that the AfD is constitutionally lost,“ said von Notz the „Handelsblatt“.
SPD for observation of the AfD

The deputy SPD chairman Ralf Stegner called in the same paper the observation of the AfD, because it actively „combated the fundamental rights and fundamental values of our liberal constitutional order“. The report only proves the „helpless attempt of the party leadership to deny this fact and to disguise its own anti-democratic political objectives.“

The FDP interior politician Konstantin Kuhle told the newspaper, it was „whimsical that just appointed self-proclaimed advocates of free speech and freedom of expression want to muzzle themselves in order to disguise their political intentions and escaped observation by the constitutional protection.“