Start England „Brexit“ hardliners threaten May with ultimatum

„Brexit“ hardliners threaten May with ultimatum

daniel_diaz_bardillo / Pixabay

Leading British EU skeptics and skeptics from the conservative party of Prime Minister Theresa May have again increased the pressure. Together with Northern Protestant Party DUP, they put May in a newspaper article in the „Sunday Telegraph“ an ultimatum to change their „Brexit“ plans. If May does not comply, about 80 „Brexit“ hardliners from the ranks of the Tories in parliament would vote against their plan, warned the vice chairman of the group, Steve Baker.

The crucial point in the negotiations is how to keep the border between the EU member Ireland and the British Northern Ireland open. The conversation is that Britain remains in the European Customs Union in an emergency until a better solution is found. The EU skeptics want May to declare this „backstop“ compromise unacceptable.

In addition, according to a Sunday Times report, the EU has rejected May’s plan for an independent mechanism whereby London could end its interim agreement with the EU after it left.