Start Europe Berlin-Mitte a big fire broke out 800 square meters in flames

Berlin-Mitte a big fire broke out 800 square meters in flames


In a roof truss in Berlin-Mitte a big fire broke out on Wednesday. It burned in the Köpenicker road on an area of ​​800 square meters, said a spokesman for the fire department. There was a construction site in the roof, there were no injuries. The building is the listed complex „Eiswerk“, which belongs to the project developer Trockland, as a spokesman confirmed on the evening of the dpa. The former industrial building is under renovation. By 2021, rental apartments and businesses are to be built there.

The fire brigade was on hand with almost 100 forces to extinguish the fire. „The fire is under control,“ said the fire department spokesman. There will be further fire-fighting work by late evening. At times it had been feared that the fire could spread to neighboring buildings – so borders a dormitory to the burning house. Köpenicker Straße was completely closed because of the mission. Also bus lines of the BVG on the route were interrupted.

Neither the spokesman of the fire brigade nor Trockland could provide information on the cause of the fire. The extent of the damage could not be estimated yet.

Among other things, Trockland plans to build apartments, shops and a hotel at Checkpoint Charlie. However, at the beginning of the week, the Berlin Senate announced that it was reducing its planned space. The company had sharply criticized the Senate for doing so.