Start Asia Beijing will introduce social credit until 2020

Beijing will introduce social credit until 2020

walter688 / Pixabay

The city of Beijing wants to build a social credit system for all citizens with permanent residence rights by the year 2020. This is clear from a statement by local business planners on Wednesday.
This step of the Municipal Commission for Reform and Development is part of China’s efforts to improve the business climate and drive development. Market access, enjoyment of public services, travel opportunities, job search and the prospect of starting a business should be regulated by the allocation of social points.
„The city will complete its system of ‚blacklists‘ and regularly publish the indices of sins of individuals and companies as punitive measures,“ states the plan, which also provides for the exchange of credit information between authorities in the context of concerted action.
At a meeting in June, China’s Prime Minister Li Keqiang called for the establishment of a system of control based on the allocation of social points to be awarded in key areas of citizens‘ everyday lives.