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Beethoven piano to be restored


The pianoforte in the Beethovenhaus Baden, on which Ludwig van Beethoven played, should be made playable again. For the restoration is called for donations, sponsorships are possible from 200 euros.

According to a broadcast by the Beethovenhaus, the instrument will be available for concerts no later than the composer’s 250th birthday in 2020. Due to numerous damages, the piano is currently in an unplayable condition. During the restoration, which will be accompanied by the Federal Monuments Office, original parts as well as historical or adequate materials will be used to come as close as possible to the original sound.

The funding is provided by the city of Baden, subsidies from the province of Lower Austria and the Federal Monuments Office, as well as sponsors and donations. Interested parties can take over sponsorships for keys (from 200 euros), pedals (from 500 euros) and legs (from 1,000 euros) on the „Hear the Beethoven!“ Campaign.

At an information event on November 14 (Beethovenhaus Baden, 7 pm), Ulrike Scholda and Gert Hecher talk about the significance of the instrument and the necessary restoration measures.

The wing of the Vienna piano maker Conrad Graf comes from the house of Josef Perger (1775-1846), merchant and local judge of the community Gutenbrunn, today a district of Baden. Beethoven was there several times and played on this piano. In 1895 the piano was donated by Magdalena Perger to the Baden Rollettmuseum. Since the reopening of the Beethovenhaus in 2014, it has been part of the permanent presentation. According to the broadcast, the grand piano is considered an early example of the period around 1820, when Conrad Graf developed his sophisticated modern concert model.