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BE CAREFUL!!! Contact with button batteries in infants can end fatally

Little baby boy playing with TV remote

Families with infants should be careful: button batteries in toys and Christmas decorations may cause life-threatening injuries if swallowed. The consequences of swallowing a button battery are devastating, warn physicians.

The Healthcare Safety Investigation Branch (HSIB) warns families with toddlers about button-plugs. Particularly in the run-up to Christmas is the danger that children come into contact with it through toy gifts and remote controls.

„Batteries are very dangerous for toddlers and babies,“ says HSIB Medical Director. Kevin Stewart according to „Daily Mail“ , who wants to enlighten families with his warning shortly before the festival.

The consequences of swallowing a button battery are devastating. For as soon as the battery comes into contact with mucous membranes, it would discharge and burn the surrounding tissue by chemical processes, the leader said.

Dangerous is not just the ingestion of the battery, which can lead to chronic respiratory and swallowing problems and even death. Even contact with mucous membranes in the nose, ear or mouth and throat could lead to severe burns.

This is confirmed by Dr. Rachel Rowlands of the Leicester Royal Infirmary. Even half-dead batteries that run out of power to power a device could cause fatal injury, the doctor said.

If it is suspected that a child has swallowed a battery or stuck it in his nose or ear, the parents should be taken to the emergency room immediately.

Francescas died of a button battery
The HSIB came to these conclusions after the organization investigated the case of Francesca Asan. The little girl died in May 2016 after swallowing a button battery.

It was the replacement battery for our 3D glasses, said George Asan, Francesca’s father, to the Child Accident Prevention Trust. His daughter had taken her out of a cupboard drawer. „I feel guilty because I did not listen to my inner voice during that time.“

How to protect your children

Stewart recommends that all electric toys be checked to see if the toys‘ batteries are child-tight.

Katrina Phillips, Managing Director of Child Accident Prevention Trust warns parents in particular of Christmas decorations. „We are worried, because little children take everything into their mouths. That could be deadly, „Philips told Daily Mail.

Especially the festive fairy lights, singing Santa Claus and flashing Christmas candles would all be operated with lithium button cell and are especially attractive for small children to explore.

In addition, the Child Accident Prevention Trust published guidelines for the protection of children:

1.Store replacement batteries in a sealed container out of the reach and sight of children, preferably in a high lockable cabinet.
2.Keep toys or other items where the battery compartment is not secured away from children.
3. Keep empty batteries out of the reach of your children and safely recycle them.
4.Avoid cheap toys from discounters, markets or no-name stores, as they may not comply with safety regulations. The same applies to toys from the online trade and products that are shipped from abroad.
5.Clarify their older children about the dangers of button batteries, so they make sure that their younger siblings do not get their hands on them.