Start England Barnier counters reports on „Brexit“ progress

Barnier counters reports on „Brexit“ progress

TeroVesalainen / Pixabay

EU chief negotiator Michel Barnier has objected to the British „Times“ report that there is progress on the „Brexit“ negotiations. Previously, the newspaper reported that British Prime Minister Theresa May had reached a preliminary agreement with the EU on financial services.

In the short message service Twitter, Barnier wrote of „misleading media reports“. The EU is only willing to negotiate with Britain for access to financial services.

According to the Times, the UK financial services industry would continue to have access to European markets after Britain’s exit from the EU. The regulation of the financial industry in the UK, however, must be based on the EU requirements.
Agreement to stand until 21 November

Meanwhile, „Brexit“ minister Dominic Raab announced that there should be a deal with Brussels by 21 November. The letter to the members of the „Brexit“ committee was dated October 24, but has just been published.

The committee invited Raab and Oliver Robbins, Prime Minister Theresa May’s „Brexit“ advisers, on 21 November. They are there to inform the deputies about the state of affairs. „I would like to inform the committee when the deal is ready, and right now I think 21 November is appropriate,“ Raab wrote. „The end is now clearly in sight.“
May does not want to commit to date

The office of Prime Minister Theresa May, however, did not want to adopt this deadline initially. The agreement with the EU should be reached „as soon as possible“, said May’s spokesman only. He did not want to be committed to the date of 21 November.

Britain wants to leave the EU at the end of March 2019. The biggest issue in the negotiations remains the future border between the EU Member State of Ireland and the British Province of Northern Ireland.