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Ayrton Senna remains an idol

Nolde / Pixabay
Formula 1 was shocked, Brazil sank in mourning: On May 1, 1994, the three-time world champion Ayrton Senna crashed in Imola. To date, the cause is unclear – and senna popular in Brazil.

This accident has been deeply engraved in the memory of the Brazilians. „Senna had an accident in the Tamburello corner! Senna had a very serious accident!“, Said the sports commentator on TV.

25 years ago, Ayrton Senna died on the Imola circuit. These are pictures that the Brazilians can not forget until today. „Of course, I remember, there was a long straight and at the end of that corner, he lost control and did not go down the bend, instead he drove straight and hit the wall, that’s how it was, right?“

A whole country in mourning

Senna is dead immediately. For the then 34-year-old racer, any help comes too late. „Even though I was little, I know that Brazil was shaken, he was an idol, he was born in Brazil, he was a great guy, so everyone was shaken,“ says fellow countryman Sennas.

Another Brazilian explains, „It was a total shock, the country was in mourning, and it went far beyond the official national mourning, not only being a great driver, but also a great citizen.“ Often the sports stars are not off the field so great, but he was different, he was a good person and always looked for the good. “

Tragedy not cleared up

To date, the cause of the accident in Imola is not clear. The handlebar could be broken or the tires were too cold after a safety-car period, are two oft-heard theories. Senna won a Formula One race 41 times and three times became world champion.

„Sometimes take the brake“

The accident raises all the more puzzles when Senna was not considered an unnecessarily daredevil driver. „You have to stay calm, the most important rule is to keep yourself in check – that is the problem of the youth of always wanting to do everything fast, I am the same – but I have learned to do that and I know that sometimes you have to Senna said in an interview.

After the fatal accident, the rules of Formula 1 were changed to improve the safety for drivers and spectators.

Something stays with Senna

That Senna is so popular in Brazil until today is also due to his charitable commitment, which continued his family after the accident. The Ayrton Senna Institute supports street children and educational projects. That’s why the fans say today: „At that time we also had other idols, but that has changed. Today it has become difficult to find such a great role model.“