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Axl Rose moves on Twitter over Trump


Old rocker Axl Rose is mad at the Republicans of US President Donald Trump because they are playing unauthorized music of his band Guns N ‚Roses during the election campaign. There is someone in the White House who has little respect for the truth, morals and empathy of any kind, tweeted Rose yesterday.

In a series of other tweets, Guns N ‚Roses‘ frontman gave vent to his frustration as Republicans sought loopholes to play group music at political events without permission.

We have an individual in the WH that will say no anything for truth, ethics, morals or empathy of any child, who says it’s real is fake n ‚what’s fake is real.
– Axl Rose (@axlrose) 4 November 2018

„Anti-Trump music“

It was a kind of irony that Trump supporters listened to the „anti-Trump music,“ mocked the singer. „I can not imagine that many of them understand that or care about it.“ Rose had called in the past week to vote in the intermediate elections for the opposition Democrats.

Other musicians have asked Trump not to play any of their songs during election campaigns. These include Steven Tyler of Aerosmith, Twisted Sister and Elton John, the news site The Hill reported.