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Australia rejects migration pact

horstmueller_HH / Pixabay

The list of countries rejecting the controversial UN migration pact is getting longer and longer. Australia’s conservative government said Wednesday that the pact could encourage „illegal“ immigration into the country. This threatens hard-won success in the fight against human smuggling. The migration pact is not in the interests of Australia and is contrary to the policies of its government, said Prime Minister Scott Morrison.

Morrison is one of the architects of Australia’s harsh immigration and asylum policy. The government intercepts refugees who want to reach Australia on boats and detains them in camps on Pacific islands.

In Germany, there is a lot of argument over the text

The UN Migration Pact will be adopted at a conference on 10 and 11 December in Morocco. In July, after 18 months, the United Nations agreed on the final version of the document, which aims to prevent illegal immigration and better control legal immigration.

Meanwhile, a number of countries have opposed the migration pact, including the United States, Poland, Hungary and Austria. In Germany, there is a lot of argument over the text. He divides among other things the union.