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Artificial intelligence is to locate the culprit


The use of artificial intelligence is to prevent future crimes in the UK and counteract the lack of staff in the police. Artificial intelligence filters out possible perpetrators and victims. Should not be arrested on the basis of the data.

The National Data Analytics Solution (NDAS) program will target those individuals who have already become conspicuous by criminal tendencies. The program was not designed for preventive arrests. It relies only on evidence from social workers and health facilities, according to which a person has already become noticeable by mental problems and is expected to be ready for a violent act.

In order to determine the risk posed by one person, statistical surveys of several authorities are combined with artificial intelligence. It is also about the risk of whether the person himself could be the victim of a crime by weapons or knife, or a victim of modern slavery.

Just as artificial intelligence opens up undreamt-of opportunities for positive development, it also harbors unforeseen dangers.

Budget cuts in the UK have caused a shortage of police officers. The artificial intelligence is to close the gaps in the ranks of the police. However, those who are filtered out by the system as potential perpetrators should not be arrested. It is only about therapeutic „interventions“. This includes the search of people, according to the project manager of NDAS, Iain Donelly.

Almost 1,400 future crime indicators have been filtered out in a population sample of five million. It also analyzed more than a terabyte of data from local and national police databases and counted 30 most effective markers, including the number of committed crimes within a social group, the number of crimes committed „with the help of others“ and age a person at the first crime.

These data are then used to predict when a person who is already known to the police is planning another infringement. The person is assigned a „risk factor“ accordingly.

The West Midlands police plan to be relieved of their police work by the beginning of 2019 through NDAS. The London police and the police of the Greater Manchester want to use the support of artificial intelligence immediately. The developers hope the program will soon find application across the UK. The compliance with data protection regulations is guaranteed by the cooperation with the „Information Commissioner’s Office“.