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Apple forbids negative words in the store

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An Apple Store is not just a store selling iPhones, iPads, Macs and accessories. Location, architecture and interior design are planned to the smallest detail, nothing is left to chance or the decision of a branch manager. The employees are carefully selected and trained – but not necessarily as a customer with a faulty device may imagine. According to The Guardian , Apple employees find it difficult to talk about problems.

One might expect that the staff at the Genius Bar are super-smart technology gurus, the article says. In fact, her real role is to sell products with emotional tricks. During their training as Genius consultants, they are taught to empathize with customers and reduce tensions so they can happily open their purses.

Do not lie on the device

As an example, „The Guardian“ calls the „three Fs“: feel, felt, found, whose use Apple Role employees learn in role-playing games. When a customer says a device is too expensive, the employee should say, „I can understand that you feel that way.“ At first I had the feeling that the price was a bit high, but then he found that it was supplied by the extensive Software and performance is justified. “

If a customer has a problem with a device, Genius employees should understand it, but apologize for the customer feeling bad. They should under no circumstances give the impression that the Apple product is the cause. This even goes so far as to forbid employees from using certain words, writes „The Guardian“. These included crash, trailer, error or problem. This leads to sometimes absurd conversations, for example if an employee is not allowed to tell the customer even in a hopeless case that he can not help him.

The tour is old
That Apple controls its employees and instructed meticulously, is an open secret. But whether this is actually still done as it describes „The Guardian“, one does not know.

The article reflects what the Gizmodo tech site reported six years ago when it published the Genius Apprentice’s Handbook, The Genius Training Student Workbook . It’s quite possible that Apple has changed or refined the training meanwhile.

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