Start England Anti-Semitism: Scotland Yard investigates against Labor party

Anti-Semitism: Scotland Yard investigates against Labor party


The British police have opened investigations against the opposition Labor party on suspicion of „anti-Semitic hate crimes“. The investigation was based on a dossier of internal documents that had been leaked to the police on Tuesday, Scotland Yard announced today. The documents contained statements that justified criminal investigations. The investigation apparently involves hate messages posted by Labor members on social networks.

The left-leaning Labor Party itself had fiercely debated alleged anti-Semitism in its ranks in recent months. The party today announced full cooperation with the investigators. She called victims of hate messages to report to the police. Labor will investigate for itself whether there are violations of party guidelines by its own members.
Party leader „instinctively hostile“

In March, leaders of Jewish communities in the UK complained in a letter to Labor about open anti-Semitism. Especially party leader Jeremy Corbyn „repeatedly“ party for anti-Semitic positions, it said: The party leader was „ideologically so focused on his far-left worldview that he is the Jewish communities of the middle instinctively hostile.“

Corbyn is part of the left-wing wing of the party and has repeatedly positioned itself extremely propalästinensisch. Because of earlier statements, deeds and contacts, he was repeatedly exposed to the charge of anti-Semitism.
Corbyn acknowledged „real problem“

In August, Corbyn admitted that there was a „real problem“ with anti-Semitism in his party. Labor is working on that, he said. At the party congress in September, he admitted that the anti-Semitism dispute had „caused immense injuries and fears in the Jewish community and led to great displeasure in the party.“ He hopes, „we can draw a line together“.