Start America Amazon fires: 63 arrests in Brazil

Amazon fires: 63 arrests in Brazil

1966666 / Pixabay

In the course of the use of the army against the fires in the Brazilian Amazon region more than 60 suspects were arrested within one month and fines were imposed in the millions. The Brazilian Defense Minister Fernando Azevedo e Silva said yesterday in Brasilia. Since its launch in late August, 63 suspects have been arrested.

The fines imposed in connection with the forest fires amount to the equivalent of 7.9 million euros. In August, 30,901 fires were counted in the Brazilian Amazon, as announced at the press conference, citing the Brazilian Institute for Space Research (Inpe). That’s almost three times as many as in August 2018.

However, the Minister of Defense emphasized that the Amazon fires are not just forest fires, but affect other areas as well. From 1 to 22 August, the number of fires in the tropical forests was even significantly lower than in August.