Start America According to new data, at least 63 people died

According to new data, at least 63 people died


The major fires in California have claimed more lives. In the north of the state „camp“ fire, the number of deaths rose to 63 by Thursday night as seven more bodies were discovered during the day, according to Butte County sheriff Kory Honea. These are more deaths than ever before a fire in the state since records began.

In addition, Honea said that the number of missing people according to the latest census has increased from 200 to 631. Among other things, investigators had evaluated emergency calls after the outbreak of the forest fire a week ago. There was an „extraordinary chaos“.

In the almost completely burnt village Paradise the search for missing persons went on Thursday in the house ruins. Hundreds of helpers in white protective suits and specially trained detection dogs continued to search for possible mortal remains. Relatives provided DNA material to aid in the identification of remnants. Many of the recovered bodies are burned beyond recognition.

In the south of California near Malibu, northwest of Los Angeles, the Woolsey fire continues to rage. There, the death toll has so far been two. Altogether so far 65 humans died because of the devastating fires.

Both fires together have destroyed hundreds of square kilometers of forest and thousands of homes. The effects of the disaster were felt in many parts of California. The authorities warned against dangerous smoke and bad air quality. In San Francisco, for example, the operation of the popular cable car trains was discontinued on Thursday. Instead of the open railways buses would be used, said the transport authority.