Start Austria A huge sandstorm clouded the skies over parts of Australia

A huge sandstorm clouded the skies over parts of Australia


The city of Sydney with its more than four million inhabitants is also affected. According to the weather services, the storm extends over a distance of 500 kilometers.

Experts attribute the extreme weather conditions to the long-lasting drought. Since August, it has rained little in some areas. The current gravure situation carries sand, dust and dirt on over long distances.

In Sydney, sights such as the harbor bridge and the opera were shrouded in filthy haze. Elsewhere, the visibility was according to the weather authority BOM (Bureau of Meteorology) even a few meters. Inland, for example in Broken Hill, the sky was almost orange. The health authorities of the state of New South Wales have recommended that children, elderly people and people with respiratory problems stay at home.

BOM expert Richard Broome said: „This is a serious situation in terms of air quality.“ The best thing is not to leave your own four walls. The dust particles could cause additional difficulties for people with lung or heart problems. Eye irritation is possible. According to the weather forecast, the storm will warp overnight towards the sea.

Sandstorms are more common in Australia. However, a storm of such proportions is also uncommon down under