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A German fighter of the Taliban has been sentenced to six years in prison

Former Taliban fighters stand behind their weapons, prior to handing them over as they join a government peace and reconciliation process at a ceremony in Jalalabad, capital of Nangarhar province on January 19, 2014. NATO formally transferred responsibility for nationwide security to Afghan forces in June 2013. AFP PHOTO / Noorullah Shirzada (Photo credit should read Noorullah Shirzada/AFP/Getty Images)

. Among other things, the Düsseldorf Higher Regional Court found the Islamists guilty of having belonged to the group classified as a foreign terrorist organization for five years. Previously, the 37-year-old had filed a comprehensive confession. The court considered the original allegation of attempted murder to be unfulfilled.

Born in Poland and raised in the Worms area of ​​Rhineland-Palatinate, Germany was captured by special forces in southern Afghanistan in February. According to the investigation, he had traveled to Pakistan in August 2012 and had fought for five years in the ranks of the Taliban.

According to the indictment, he was deployed in a suicide bombing unit, building explosive devices, and scouting possible targets. He also made a propaganda video for the Taliban, where he himself was seen in an attack on a military base of the Afghan army and the firing of a mortar shell. In 2017, the defendant was transferred to the Taliban elite group „Red Unit“ in the Afghan province of Helmand.

The accused testified that he was suffering from massive mental health problems. He had been in a psychiatric ward earlier and had been prematurely retired at age 25. A psychiatrist had nevertheless classified him as fully guilty.