Start Europe 5000-year-old stone-age grave on construction site in Hanau

5000-year-old stone-age grave on construction site in Hanau


An approximately 5000-year-old stone-age grave has been discovered at the construction site for a new residential area in Hanau. Sascha Piffko, Head of the Responsible Excavation Company Spau from Rockenberg, said: „A total of 18 graves with the remains of 24 people were found on the site a few weeks ago. Previously, several media had reported about it.

A grave was very special because six individuals had been buried there, and that was unusual. Among them a woman with two toddlers. Two skulls are so close to each other that touched the dentures. „It looks like they’re kissing,“ Piffko reported. He hopes that there is residual DNA in the bones to find out more about the causes of death. If this succeeds, but is still unclear.

„Exceptional archaeological find“

„Findings from tombs from this period are very rare,“ said Piffko. The age of the graves The bones were close to the surface. Hanauer Mayor Claus Kaminsky (SPD) had spoken in a statement on Monday from „extraordinary archaeological find“ and graves from the late Neolithic of the third millennium BC.

The Stone Age is the first chapter of human history, the name given to the epoch, because the early man knew no metal processing and worked exclusively with stone tools. The early Stone Age of hunters and gatherers started in Africa more than two million years ago, the Neolithic, which was already livestock, agriculture and first copper processing, ended in Europe over 4000 years ago. A well-known representative from the time, from which apparently the graves come from Hanau, is Ötzi, whose mummified corpse was found in 1991 on the Similaun glacier in the Ötztaleralpen.