Start America $ 22 million a year: Best-paid creator is seven years old

$ 22 million a year: Best-paid creator is seven years old


He plays with dinos, drives with small cars, tests wax crayons – and earns tens of millions of euros: Seven-year-old Ryan is currently the financially most successful YouTuber. Within a year, he has made a meteoric rise.

Ryan is seven years old, loves Lego, trains, cars – and his 17 million fans on YouTube. Almost gambling, he earned around 22 million dollars (19.4 million euros) in one year. Thus, the seven-year-old with his channel „Ryan Toys Review“, according to the magazine “ Forbes “ the best-selling creators in the world. The industry journal recently published the top ten top earners of the video platform ( see Factbox below ). Together, they come to an income of about 180 million dollars.

Five of the ten seats are filled with young men playing and commenting on video games. Including the Swedish gamer and the former number one PewDiePie, who is with an annual income of 15.5 million dollars „only“ on the penultimate place to find. In terms of subscriptions, but no one can give him the water: 73 million people follow him.
Most taken by advertising

The ninth place last year, the little Ryan held. Now he has overtaken the competition. Meanwhile, the toy tester has not only become older, but also richer and has more than doubled his earnings. Its subscriber base has increased another seven million since December 2017; During the same period, the number of video views rose from 17 billion to 26 billion. The channel was established in March 2015 by his parents, now there are more than 1000 videos. Why is he so successful? „Because I’m entertaining and funny,“ Ryan told NBC News .

According to “ Forbes “ make the advertising clips in front of his videos a good 96 percent of sales, the remaining money comes from sponsored contributions. Meanwhile, a large US supermarket chain also sells toys under his name. 15 percent of Ryan’s earnings are currently being accounted for in a separate account because of his young age, where they are protected until he is old enough.

No woman in the top ten

Just behind Ryan in second place with $ 21.5 million is the video blogger (Vlogger) Jake Paul (21), who also doubled his income year-on-year. With his pranks and rap songs, he currently maintains – and Ryan – 17 million subscribers. The Stockerl complete the five young sports guns of „Dude Perfect“ with their crazy stunts and tricks and $ 20 million.

Last year’s top seed Daniel Middleton (27) aka „DanDTM“ was able to increase his profit only by $ 4.5 million, falling back to fourth place ($ 18.5 million). The Briton has been playing computer games in front of the camera for six years and is considered a Minecraft specialist. Completely new to the top ten is the Irishman „Jacksepticeye“, also a gamer.

As the basis for the list’s calculations, Forbes used YouTube’s earnings before taxes and other costs – such as fees for agents, managers and lawyers – over a twelve-month period. According to their own statements, industry experts were interviewed and data was evaluated by agencies such as Captiv8, SocialBlade and Pollstar.